moews Guitars – Our Philosophy

Call us nostalgic, but we are romantics. We long for a time when musicians had just one instrument and it was their instrument. Sure, the battered guitars of the likes of Eric, Stevie or Rory are cool to look at. There is more to it though: We are convinced that these scars and scratches were hard-earned. They tell the story of the magical bond between musician and instrument. When you decide on a moews Guitar we provide you with an instrument that you, too can start a lifelong journey with.

But Moews guitars are much more than that. In a world that is constantly, and ever more rapidly renewing itself, we give you the time and to pause, be still, listen and feel. When your hands glide gently over the soft fingerboard and you elicit the first warm tones from the Moews, you’ll feel that your search is over. You have arrived, and, you are welcome.


moews Hemingway Guitar

Hemingway’s language is bold, clear and comprehensible. It is this reduction that makes it so powerful. And it is the very same reduction to the bare essentials that characterizes our HEMINGWAY model.

moews Salinger old fiesta red

moews Salinger Guitar

The entire range of guitar sounds: bell like warmth, crispy chimes of do you prefer the bite and twang of a rear single-coil? A universe of tone unfolds as you switch from neck to bridge.

moews Salinger Fortissimo Guitar

Our beloved SALINGER model – but updated for even greater flexibility: When we dreamed up the SALINGER FORTISSIMO we imagined an icon from the 60s.

moews Guitars Huxley 51p Bass

moews Huxley 51P Bass

Huxleys work is a testament to humanity and the expressiveness of the individual person. Our HUXLEY model celebrates this mentality with a devotion to the players individual touch.

moews Feynman tweet amp roadie

moews Feynman Amp

A melodic riff at the first play of the moews Feynman brings a smile to your face. No other amp produces that sweet, long-awaited sound that makes your heart beat faster. Immerse yourself in the magic of an immeasurable sound spectrum, from bell-like clean to powerful crunchy.

"Take your pleasures seriously", designer Charles Eames suggested. If it brings you joy it is well-worth investing in a quality handcrafted instrument. We will show you why.


Back from the Guitar Summit

We had a great time in the last week of September at the Guitar Summit 2019. We presented a total of 9 Salinger and Hemingway guitars at our booth. And we have made many visitors happy by playing on our guitars.


>>My moews Amp brings out the sparkle night after night after night. With Pimpy Panda I play mostly funk-based jazz and this Amp just suits my needs to a T!<<


>>Guitar-playing relaxes me a sparks fresh ideas. I’m so happy to play on of Det’s instruments.<<


>>My Salinger has really been growing on me. It’s by far the guitar closest to my heart!<<