Long sustain and full broadband punch – Moews Hemingway Daphne-Blue-over-Pacific-Blue

Moews hemingway foam-green-over-blue-metallic with long sustain

The Moews Hemingway Daphne-Blue-over-Pacific-Blue is a pleasantly lightweight and minimalist electric guitar. Already played unamplified it resonates beautifully, and has all the frequencies a high-quality handmade guitar needs. With the single TV Jones Super Tron pickup in the bridge position, it has exactly the right pickup to bring out all the strengths of the guitar. Furthermore the combination of all elements allows a pleasantly clear and open tone, with full broadband punch and long sustain. As a result the sound can be shaped dynamically and flexibly with the attack, the different touch positions and the fingers.

Moews Hemingway foam-green-over-blue-metallic Sound Demonstration

And with the volume and tone controls ideally matched to the Hemingway, the sound can be further enhanced. With the front volume potentiometer you can adjust the volume and the degree of distortion optimally and ergonomically directly on the guitar without losing the crisp treble. And with the Tone potentiometer, sound dimensions open up that you might not expect in the first place. If you turn it to close, you get a solid jazz sound, for example, and the more you turn it up, the more the fresh treble crack comes into play, which distinguishes Telecaster-style guitars in particular.

A wonderful instrument for the connoisseur

Really fascinating what you can get out of this electric guitar. Whether Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock etc., or alternative styles… Even more violent distortion can be a lot of fun with the Super Tron. Because it is waxed, against microphony at high volumes. At Moews, this pickup is considered one of the best on the market. But finally it’s all the ingredients, which have been lovingly coordinated with each other, that make this top instrument so special: Woods, hardware, electronics, pickups… Great sound, with full broadband punch and long sustain. All this makes the moews Hemingway a wonderful instrument for the connoisseur.