moews Feynman Amp

moews Feynman tweet amp roadie

Sweet, Long-Awaited Sound

A melodic riff at the first play of the moews Feynman Amp brings a smile to your face. No other amp produces that sweet, long-awaited sound that makes your heart beat faster. Immerse yourself in the magic of an immeasurable sound spectrum, from bell-like clean to powerful crunchy. You enjoy this sound experience just as much as you need it, as a powerful stage sound or in a relaxed living room atmosphere. No matter which genre you prefer, jazz, blues, rock, soul, the sound always remains defined, clear and voluminous. Experience how harmonically each of your effect pedals can be integrated into the sound ensemble between guitar and moews Feynman. The direct response and the enjoyable dynamics give you the incomparable feeling of playing from an almost forgotten time.

Point-to-point Hand-Wired Perfection

You do not simply win a nobel-prize. Especially not as a theoretical physicist. Despite the complexity of his research Richard Feynman always expressed an admiration for both simple, tangible explanations and an unruly joy of life (the rake was an avid bongo-player after all). In the same way our Feynman amplifier impresses with a microcosm of nuanced vintage tones while not overwhelming you with channels, presets or menus. Let’s keep it tidy; with a user panel that won’t confuse you. And neither will this amp get you tangled up soundwise: Where other amps may dilute your guitar tone, the moews Feynman amp stays honest. Due to its simplicity it is also the ideal starting ground to build upon with effect pedals. This is what 20 Watts of point-to-point hand-wired perfection sound like!

moews Feynman Details

  • Feynman rear
  • Feynman cable holder tan
  • Amp control panel
  • Feynman amp master control knob
  • moews Feynman amp roadie


Point-to-Point Handwired
Power ca. 20 watts
Inputs 2x Bright (low/high), 2x Normal (low/high)
Controls Master Volume, 2x Channel Volume, 1x Tone, Outputs 1x 8 Ohm
Tubes 2x 6L6, 1x 12ax7, 1x 12ay7, 1x GZ34
Speaker 1x 12“ Jensen 8 Ohm, break-in
Options Combo / Head
Covering Tweed
Finish Options Nitrocellulose New / Aged
Dimensions Combo: 42 x 51 x 21,
Weight Combo: ca. 17kg