moews Salinger Fortissimo Guitar

Sheer High-Gain Madness

Our beloved moews SALINGER FORTISSIMO model – but updated for even greater flexibility: When we dreamed up the moews SALINGER FORTISSIMO we imagined an icon from the 60s but tweaked in a way that it will appeal to a new emerging generation of guitar virtuosos. Still we did not want to trade musicality for sheer high-gain madness. When matching nuanced single-coils like ours with a humbucking pickup it is of utmost importance to not overdo it. The vintage PAF quality of our AlNiCo2 magnets in the moews LoveSong pairs beautifully with our three-dimensional Blues single-coil pickups (neck and mid-position). Nothing is covered up: These instruments still react totally organic to your playing style. If you need to bridge a wide array of musical genres look no further than the moews SALINGER FORTISSIMO!

moews Salinger Fortissimo Black Over Red

  • Finish Details
  • moews Salinger Fortissimo black over red headstock
  • Pickups
  • moews Guitars Salinger Fortissimo black over red controlplate
  • moews Guitars Salinger Fortissimo black over red gotoh magnum lock

Spec Sheet

Scale Length 648mm // 25,5“
Neck Maple, One Piece, Skunk Stripe
Trussrod One-Way, Heel Adjustment
Radius 12“
Frets 21, Medium Standard
Body Alder
Hardware Gotoh
Plastic Parts Hosco Master
Nut Self-lubricating Bone
Bridge PU Moews Blues, Latex tubing
Middle PU Moews Blues, Latex tubing
Neck PU Moews Lovesong, Unbalanced Coils
Potis CTS 250K AUD Vintage Dished-Back, Selected by Resistance Curve, 1 Push-Push for Coil Tapping
Switch OAK 5-Way
Tonecap Moews Vintage Phonebook
Treble Bleed yes
Shielding Shielding Paint „noise down“, Pickup and Control Cavities
Wiring Cable Premium Pre-tinned Cloth Covered Silver
Jack Switchcraft
Color Options Copper, Old Fiesta Red, Vintage White, Black, Sonic Blue, Daphne Blue, Dakota Red, Tobaco, Old Sunburst, Over Lacquer Finish
Body Lacquer Nitrocellulose
Neck Lacquer Nitrocellulose
Aging Collector
Pickguard Black Creme Black 3-ply
Weight 3300g

moews Salinger Fortissimo

| Aging Stages
Instruments in Collectors condition share the charm of a carefully looked after classic. The Player degree of aging feels like your favourite pair of worn-in jeans. And our Roadie reflects the life-long bonding of musicians and their no.1 instrument.

| Self-Lubricating Nut
Reducing friction at the most crucial spot: our self-lubricating nut improves tuning stability and sustain.

| Pure Nitro Finishes
Doing it right and doing it the right way: every moews instrument is coated with the thinnest nitrocellulose finish. Traditionally applied it brings an unmistakable charm to the instrument and enables it to resonate freely.

| Treble Bleed

Boost your musicality: roll down on the volume knob and retain clarity and dynamic response. We custom fit our treble bleed ex-factory to all our guitars and basses.

| Pickups
We know our instruments best. It is only natural that we do not rely on third party manufacturers when it comes to pickups. Pickups are wound to our specifications or on request even hand-wound in house. A three-dimensional tone that showers the player with nuances is our goal here.

| Neck
With thousands of instruments having passed through our hands we observed what makes a quality vintage instrument come alive: the level of detail put into the neck is crucial here. We round off our fretboards in a way that they will literally fall under your fingers.